Coyote Cartography: a scrapbook of travels, real & virtual


Not me, but this “repeater” for my LiveJournal. The sidebar links will stay put until I eventually get them migrated and set up redirectors, but if you’re interested in following my online travails, here’s where I’m at.

Both blogs have RSS feeds if you’re so inclined, too.

(N.B.: Coyote Prints is the closest equivalent of what was here, and I may put in a simple HTTP redirector here to take you there in the near future.)


Since this hasn’t been migrated yet and the migration is frankly pretty low priority at the moment, go here for that. (Also, web developers: never just link the word “here.”)


Oh, that’s so 2008 of you. If you already have my email address, keep using whichever one you have. If you don’t, use my first name at this domain. If you don’t know my first name, you probably shouldn’t be emailing me.