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Watts Martin

Santa Clara, California 95051

Cell: +1 408 807 6139


Technical writer with experience maintaining web-based, developer-focused documentation for multiple programming languages. Extensive work with Markdown, Jekyll, Pandoc, and custom toolchains in several scripting languages. Combines standards-based web development experience with a background in writing, editing and print layout.

Technical Skills

  • Front End: HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, jQuery
  • Back End: Apache, nginx, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL, Laravel 4, symfony, Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy
  • Languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript, zsh (shell), Ruby
  • Other Tools: Jira, Bugzilla, Trac, Mercurial, Git, Subversion, Capistrano, unit testing
  • Systems: Mac OS X, Linux (CentOS/RHE, Ubuntu), Windows
  • Design: technical writing, copy editing, graphic design, web design, page layout


Technical Writer, RethinkDB, Mountain View, CA May 2014–Present

  • Writing/editing API documentation, articles and release notes for RethinkDB, an open source “NoSQL” document store database.
  • Help manage the community contribution process to RethinkDB’s documentation via Github.
  • Tools used include Markdown, BBEdit, Marked, Jekyll, and a plethora of weird little scripts.

Lead Developer, TRAIL, San Francisco, CA Mar. 2013–May 2014

  • Assumed all development roles, both front- and back-end, for JobScout, TRAIL’s online internet literacy platform, as well as system administration role. Platform coded in “native” PHP with jQuery and a MySQL back end.
  • Implemented new features and design for TRAIL’s presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013.
  • Architecting a new TRAIL platform using Laravel 4 on the back end.
  • Occasional consulting work for TRAIL from mid-2014 through 2015.

Software Engineer, Jupiter, Santa Clara, CA (Telecommute) Mar. 2012–Mar. 2013

  • Implementation of new modules for Jupiter SIS, a web-based student information system. Written in “native” PHP (no MVC framework) with some Javascript; MySQL back end.
  • Set up company’s first version control repository.

Consulting Web Development, Santa Clara, CA Feb. 2011–Mar. 2012

  • Implementation of new back end for RivalZone, an iPhone/Android app for golfers. Using Flask and SQLAlchemy (Python) and RabbitMQ, an AMQP message broker.
  • For an earlier incarnation of RivalZone, created a new notification mail system using PHP and MySQL.
  • Created new RivalZone landing pages for consumers and marketing campaigns.
  • Adding new features and fixing bugs for StoreVantage, a symfony-based SaaS package for small business owners started by former leads at Hotwire.

Senior Software Engineer, Nokia, San Francisco, CA Oct. 2009–Dec. 2010

Development on the web components for “Point & Find,” an augmented reality application for Nokia smartphones. (Rebranded as “City Lens” for current Nokia devices.)

  • Implemented a streamlined registration/ordering system using the symfony PHP 5 framework, significantly improving conversion rate.
  • Working with marketing, designed and deployed new landing site for better brand communication.
  • Integrated the management system with Nokia’s “Ovi” single sign-on system (based on OAuth).
  • Development work on proof of concept phone search software using Qt Quick.

Fiji Island Escapes (contract web development) March 2009–Jan. 2010

Developed Fiji Island Escapes travel web site, a location-specific hotel booking service.

  • With mockups and graphics provided by client, produced website layout in Adobe Fireworks and developed complete application in CakePHP with jQuery, including database design using MySQL Workbench.
  • Selected web hosting provider and configured and deployed testing and production environments, with Trac/Subversion for issue tracking and source code control.

Senior Software Developer, Illumant LLC, Palo Alto, CA Feb. 2008–Oct. 2008

Co-developed (programming, front-end design and database architecture) Illumant’s Compliance Assistant, an SaaS application to manage audited control activities for regulatory compliance.

  • CakePHP and MySQL on the back end.
  • Prototype, Scriptaculous, and YUI AJAX libraries.

Software Developer (Contract), Illumant LLC, Palo Alto, CA Aug. 2006–Jan. 2008

Co-developed CIPSAT, a homeland security self-assessment tool developed for the Department of the Navy under subcontract to Secorix.

  • Designed with an in-house PHP 5 MVC framework and the Smarty template system.
  • Developed on MySQL, deployed on IIS with Oracle.
  • Coded several subsystems and designed the main user interface flow.

Content Manager, Cisco Systems (through Armada Group), San Jose, CA Nov. 2004–March 2006

Webmaster and technical writer for CDE, an internal development environment being created for Cisco’s web application engineers.

Technical Writer, Global Locate (now Broadcom), San Jose, CA Feb. 2004–July 2004

Authored three software installation manuals and end user operations manual for A-GPS (“Advanced GPS”) system, using FrameMaker and Microsoft Word.